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Two things to check to see if you need mole removal

January 1, 2010

Moles can potentially develop into a deadly type of skin cancer called melanoma.  There are several warning signs to look out for which can alert you to melanoma.  If you have any of these make sure you talk to a doctor about mole removal, don’t worry about the mole removal cost as your life is more important.

The first thing to check is if your mole is symmetrical or not.  This means if you were to cut your mole in half does each half look similar in size and shape?  If the halves are not similar it’s bad so talk to your doctor about removing moles.

The size of your mole is the second thing you want to check.  Anything over 6mm is bad or a mole that is continually changing in size.  As above, get in contact with you doctor and start discussing removal of moles.


Three mole removal procedures

January 1, 2010

Here are three different ways of removing moles and like everything you should talk to your doctor for mole removal answers before making any decisions.

The first option is laser mole removal which is becoming more popular is it leaves very little scarring.  Unfortunately it can only be used for the smallest moles but it is a good candidate for facial mole removal.

Another popular option is natural mole removal using natural herbs, plants or fruits.  Your mileage might very with this option but a common choice here is grinding up garlic into a paste and applying to the mole.

By far the most popular option is incision with stitches.  This is where the mole is surgically removed by cutting into the skin and removing the mole and surrounding tissue. This option will result in a scar.

Risks of Mole Removal Surgery

January 1, 2010

So what are the risks associated with mole removal?  There are a few but in general a mole removal procedure is pretty safe.

The first possible risk is infection.  Our skin is a natural barrier to infection but whenever the surface is scratched, pierced or cut there is a chance that bacteria can enter.

Bleeding is another risk that you have to consider although in the case of mole removal it’s pretty small.  Obviously if you lose too much blood you can die.  This is usually more of an issue with larger procedures.

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